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Civic Projects

Larsen delivers both experience and innovative thinking on a wide variety of civic projects. As with every Larsen project, involvement with and understanding of the community allows us to creatively design spaces that serve multiple municipal functions.

With most municipal projects, finding the balance point between program, function, budget and long term operating costs is the key. We work as partners with the community to arrive at that place together.

Like our recreation center projects, every civic development allows us the opportunity to create a greater sense of community involvement and true gathering centers for civic leaders, businesses and residents.


Russell Police Station


For Larsen, civic architecture requires a thoughtful and delicate balance between functionality, openness and enhanced security always within the context of the given community. How we approach civic projects our process is always the same; how we implement or execute is never the same, reflecting the unique culture of each community.

We recognize the assessment of the AIA that terrorism, crime, biohazards and workplace violence have heightened public awareness about security in the built environment, requiring architects and government agencies to balance the needs for openness and enhanced security.

Civic facilities today are balancing security with public access, using transparent security site planning and building design solutions to minimize obvious barriers and maximize design excellence. These approaches include integrating the landscape and perimeter security measures into site design and keeping abreast of the latest trends in security, technology and the environment.