“Buildings are born of craftsmen brandishing bricks and mortar. Cathedrals are fashioned by artists and architects pursuing dreams, visions and aspirations.”
-Jim Larsen

For more than three decades…

Larsen Architects has impacted community development throughout northeast Ohio and beyond. Our practice is dedicated to the singular goal of creating, connecting and engaging productive and sustainable communities through architecture.

Our team of experienced, inspired and passionate professionals offers a broad range of specialties, from architecture and planning to LEED™ Certified green/sustainable strategies and interior design.

We are focused on community and municipal projects – recreation centers, police and fire stations, civic centers, park projects and the like. We are likewise engaged in retail, restaurant, commercial and industrial projects that are natural elements of every community. And we are attentive to historical preservation – maintaining the heritage and soul of our communities.

Larsen Architects provides desirable design solutions through the highest quality architectural services, and we do so with a time sensitive and cost-efficient mindset.



Master Planning

Community Development

Historic Preservation





Commercial/ Industrial

In the words of Frank Lloyd Wright, “The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.” It is toward this philosophy that Larsen Architects has dedicated itself, and in the process, met and exceeded the expectations of the marketplace it serves.







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