“I unconditionally recommend Larsen Architects for recreation project design…”

-Douglas Watkins, Township Manager, Township of Upper St. Clair


Architectural design is a process focused on the goal of achieving solutions that are sensitive to the community – past, present and future. Our design solutions  reflect a deep respect for the history of the community while also speaking to current and trending needs, as well as future expectations, including environmental sustainability, new technology, new materials and new codes. As such, adaptability, flexibility and extensibility are key to achieving architecture that endures well into the future.

Master Planning

While some projects are able to achieve completion in a relatively short period of time, many more are part of a long-term vision that requires careful and thoughtful strategies, detailed planning and phased implementation. Larsen Architects understands the challenges of projects defined by extended timelines and levels of complexity. And we offer the expertise and discipline to support these plans.

Community Development & Preservation

Community development and preservation insists that as we evolve and revitalize our communities, we must also embrace and retain our heritage. Larsen Architects is singularly focused on creating, connecting and engaging communities through architecture. We study, restore, renovate and remodel existing structures while also adding new buildings purposefully designed to harmoniously co-exist. And as we strive to preserve our past, we also adapt architecture to the future.

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